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Common Forms

  • Financial Forms:
    • Reimbursement Form
    • Income Reporting Form
    • Expense Recording Form
  • Theatre Etiquette Agreement (5/10) [doc] [pdf]
  • Theatre Etiquette Agreement for Vacation Programs [doc] [pdf]
  • Behavior Communication Form (9/08) [doc]
  • Workshop Liability Form: [doc] [pdf]
  • Workshop Policies and Procedures: [doc] [pdf]
  • Day Program Policies: [doc] [pdf]
  • Medical Consent Form: [doc] [pdf]
  • ACTor's Biography Form: [doc] [pdf]
  • ACT Artwork Guidelines: [pdf]
  • Director's Application Form: [doc] [pdf]
  • Counselor Application From: [doc] [pdf]
  • Vacation Camp Job Description (2012/13): [doc] [pdf]
  • Intern Application Form: [doc] [pdf]
  • Parental Work Policy: [html]
  • Raffle Form: [pdf]

Generic Forms

The following forms need to be customized before use. Producers should make appropriate changes then submit the updated forms to the webmaster to be posted on their production page.

  • Generic General Order Form [doc]
  • Generic Liability Form [doc]
  • Generic Program Ad Solicitation letter [doc]
  • Generic Extra T-shirt order form [doc]

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