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Avenue Q School Edition Character Descriptions

a recently graduated English major.
Kate Monster
a lovelorn kindergarten teaching assistant who wishes to create a school for monsters; Parody of Elmo.
a Republican investment banker who is secretly gay. Parody of Bert.
Rod's roommate, a messy slacker; Parody of Ernie.
a nightclub singer.
Gary Coleman
the former star of Diff'rent Strokes, is the building superintendent of Avenue Q.
a down-on-his-luck Jewish 32-year-old who has trouble keeping steady employment and dreams of being a stand-up comedian. Engaged to Christmas Eve. A non-puppet character.
Christmas Eve
a Japanese immigrant and Brian's fiancée. She is a therapist who has no clients
The Bad Idea Bears
the two adorable and sinister bears who can convince anyone to do something bad in the most adorable way.
Trekkie Monster
who spends most of his time on the internet. Parody of Cookie Monster.
Mrs. Thistle ('Lavinia')
a Kindergarten teacher with Kate as her assistant.
The Newcomer
the young man resembling Princeton that comes to Avenue Q planning to move into the vacant apartment.
the new boyfriend that Nicky has found for Rod

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