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Alice in Wonderland, Jr. Audition Instructions

For Auditions, actors will learn part a song at the audition from Alice and perform in a small group/solo. Audition lines are as follows:

ALICE: Remember Alice, Look before you leap. I really don't know what's in this bottle, but it looks so pretty. But it could be poisen, or mayonaise, or floor polish, or a frothy combination of all three! But I have to find the White Rabbit. Oh well, if you don't explore, you'll never discover. Bottom's up!

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Your way home?? You'll find my way home or we'll cut off your head! You'll be who I say you are and no one else, do you understand?

CATERPILLAR/ MAD HATTER/ WHITE RABBIT/ CHESHIRE CAT/ TWEEDLE DEE AND DUM: Remember, Alice, inner fabulousity. Now, answer this one simple question: Whooooo are youuuuuu?

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