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Phantom Tollbooth, Jr. Character Descriptions

In order of appearance:

a young and disenchanted boy who goes on an extraordinary journey (thanks to the Tollbooth) that helps him to see the world as he never saw it before
Boys & Girls
Milo’s friends, who wish he would come out to play more often
cast members who help to chronicle Milo’s extraordinary journey
sinister figures who make Milo’s life miserable and challenging
Tollbooth and Scenery
the machine (comprised of several actors) and subsequent roadside scenery that helps Milo to reach The Land of Expectations, catapulting him into a whole new realm
The Whether Man
the first figure Milo meets in The Land of Expectations, who also unknowingly misguides him
the slow-moving people of the Doldrums, known for accomplishing absolutely nothing
a watchdog, who becomes Milo’s faithful, time-keeping companion
Prince/King & Queen
the courageous founders of the kingdom and parents to Azaz, The Mathemagician, and Princesses Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason
King Azaz
the flashy and verbose monarch of Dictionopolis, known for his love of grammar and the alphabet; at war with his brother, The Mathemagician, and Digitopolis
The Mathemagician
the majestic and very precise ruler of Digitopolis, famous for his love of math and numbers; at war with his brother, Azaz, and Dictionopolis
Princesses Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason
the understanding younger sisters of Azaz and The Mathemagician, who have the distinction of being able to solve nearly all disagreements between their embattled brothers, but they were banished to the Castle in the Air for ruling numbers and letters equal
stationed at the gate of Dictionopolis, the guard polices traffic in and out of the kingdom to assure its safety, delivers important proclamations
the colorful people of Dictionopolis who sell alphabet-themed merchandise
King Azaz’s wise cabinet, known for their careful composition of words and phrases
Lackeys & Page
dutiful servants of the royal Dictionopolis palace
the triumphant, number-conscious miners of Digitopolis who also take their jobs quite seriously

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