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The Sound of Music Character Descriptions

Maria Rainer
A postulant at Nonnberg Abbey; free-spirited, warm, kind, determined.
Captain Georg von Trapp
Retired Austrian naval captain. Strict military demeanor masks grief for his deceased wife, obscuring his warmth and understanding, but not his patriotism.
Max Detweiller
Loyal friend of Georg. Animated and charming, but not a caricature.
Elsa Shrader
An elegant baroness, Georg’s love interest. Sophisticated, dignified, a practiced veneer that can totally hide heartbreak… almost.
Mother Abbess
Head of the Abbey. Strong, authoritative, yet understanding and maternal.
Sister Berthe
Mistress of Novices at the Abbey. Sharp-tongued, prudish, less tolerant than most.
Sister Margaretta
Mistress of Postulants at the Abbey. Understanding, considerate.
Sister Sophia
Rule-abiding, understanding nun at the Abbey.
Franz-von Trapp
Butler. Formal, spirited, loyal German.
Frau Schmidt
von Trapp housekeeper. Efficient, dispassionate, strong presence.
Herr Zeller
Stern, stoic Nazi official. A local enforcer of the change in rule.
Rolf Gruber
Telegram delivery boy, then Nazi recruit. Suitor to Liesl. Pleasant and young. Hard to believe he’d become a Nazi, then equally hard to believe he’d bend the rules.
Liesl von Trapp
The oldest child, very ready to be grown-up but still not a grown up yet. Somewhat maternal to her younger siblings.
Friedrich von Trapp
A boy. Almost a man. Tries to be the man of the house in his father’s absences, but not quite ready for it.
Louisa von Trapp
Rebellious. Voted most likely to short-sheet your bed.
Kurt von Trapp
Part mischief, part gentle.
Brigitta von Trapp
Smart, but overly honest. Voted most likely to do her homework.
Marta von Trapp
Sweet, gentle. Likes pink, but there’s more to her than that.
Gretl von Trapp
Capable of owning the stage by herself, and tugging audience heartstrings with her little finger.
Nuns, Postulants
Nazi soldiers
Salzburg neighbors

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