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SHREK Audition Instructions


Age 7-11: Prepare one of the 3 selections provided, or you may choose a reading of your favorite poem or fairy tale. Poems and Readings should be no longer than a minute.

Age 12-18: Prepare a comedic monologue of your choosing, no longer than one minute. The monologue should be from a published play, and actors should be able to answer questions about the character, the plot of the play the monologue is from, and why this monologue was chosen. The library is a great resource for acting compilations.


All Actors will be asked to sing. Actors have 2 options:

  1. A song of their choice, no longer than 2 minutes. The song should not be from Shrek, and the actor must provide sheet music. You can find sheet music on several online sites, or books of sheet music at the library. For more advice and resources, take a look at this page from SS09.
  2. OR...if you do not want to prepare a song prior to the audition, the music director will teach a small selection from Shrek.

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