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Into the Woods Jr Audition Sides

These are lines from some key characters in the play. You may want to audition for a character that is not listed. For now, choose someone from below to audition with, and you will be asked to perform some of these lines as different characters (example: the wolf) at the audition and callbacks.

You will be asked to read with another actor

Side 1

WITCH: Forget the little girl and get the cape! That's the cape. Get it!

BAKER: How am I supposed to get it?

WITCH: You go up to the little thing, and you take it.

RAPUNZEL: (Sweetly, OFFSTAGE, in the distance) AHHH...

(WITCH listens, entranced)

WITCH: (Sweetly) Ahh, my Rapunzel... listen to her beautiful music...

(Yelling) Get me what I need!


Side 2

(WITCH drags RAPUNZEL ONSTAGE and throws her to the ground)

WITCH: Why didn't you tell me you had a visitor?

RAPUNZEL: It was lonely atop that tower.

WITCH: (Stroking RAPUNZEL'S HAIR) I gave you protection and yet you disobeyed me.

RAPUNZEL: I am no longer a child. I wish to see the world.

WITCH: I will not share you, but I will show you a world you've never seen.



Side 3

(CINDERELLA ENTERS, as if pursued; SHE falls at the feet of the BAKER'S WIFE, losing one slipper)

CINDERELLA: (Recognizing BAKER'S WIFE) Hello. It's these slippers.

BAKER'S WIFE: I'd say those slippers were as pure as gold.

CINDERELLA: Yes. They are all you could wish for in beauty.

(Takes the slipper back)

BAKER'S WIFE: What I wouldn't give for just one.

CINDERELLA: One is not likely to do you much good. I must run.

BAKER'S WIFE: (BAKER'S WIFE grabs a shoe) And I must have your shoe.

CINDERELLA: Stop that!

(The two engage in a tug-of-war over the shoe, dialogue overlaps)

BAKER'S WIFE: I need it to have a baby!

CINDERELLA: (Through clenched teeth) And I need it to get out of here!

(CINDERELLA wins the battle over the shoe, and desperately runs OFFSTAGE; BAKER'S WIFE is embarrassed by her own behavior. SHE straightens herself up as CINDERELLA'S PRINCE with STEWARD bound ONSTAGE, only to curtsey deeply again)

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