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The Witches Character Descriptions

The Boy
The narrator of the story is known simply as the boy. Much like Dahl’s heroes, the narrator is a brave, kind and intelligent child. Thanks to his grandmother’s stories, the boy is able to identify witches in disguise (though he is turned into a mouse). Once he is turned into a mouse, the boy hatches a plan to save all the children in England from a similar fate and successfully wipes out all the witches of England. Though the boy remains a mouse, the story ends happily.
An 86-year-old chubby Norwegian lady with a walking stick who smokes cigars and tells witch stories
The Grand High Witch
When we first meet the Grand High Witch, she is young, pretty, and stylin'. That doesn't last long, though. When she takes her mask off, she becomes the most atrocious thing on the planet.
The Witches
The witches are all kind of less intense versions of the Grand High Witch. They, too, are mean, but just in a less specific way. We learn at the beginning that they are always "plotting and scheming and churning and burning and whizzing and phizzing with murderous bloodthirsty thoughts"
Bruno Jenkins
Bruno Jenkins is the dictionary definition of an oaf. He's big, he's greedy, he's slow-witted, he's just... oafy. He's always eating, he brags about his dad's wealth, and he even kills ants with a magnifying glass.
Mr. Jenkins
in our brief time with him, we get a pretty clear idea of the kind of dude he is: rude, pushy, and full of himself. Sound like a guy who might spawn an oafy kid?
Mrs Jenkins
Bruno's mom, she is afraid of many many things.

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