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Bat Boy the Musical Character Descriptions

Bat Boy (Edgar) - Late Teens - Early 20s
Edgar is half boy/half bat and his journey from a primitive/unrefined being to a well-rounded and civilized human (and the difficulties he encounters along the way) is the heart of our story. "Bat Boy" is very raw and unsophisticated at the beginning of the play (after all, he has lived in a cave his entire life and never been exposed to civilization) and can't even speak. However, with the Parker's help, he grows into "Edgar" (the name lovingly given to him by Meredith) – an intelligent and enthusiastic individual with a strong desire to be accepted and to fit in.
Dr. Thomas Parker – 30's - 50's
The town veterinarian, Dr. Parker is asked to "take care" of the creature but is convinced to spare his life by his wife and daughter. He is a desperate man in a loveless marriage (due to the troubled past of the couple). As he sees the attachment growing between Bat Boy and Meredith, Dr. Parker grows to secretly despise the boy.
Meredith Parker – 30's - 50's
Dr. Parker's wife, Shelley's mother. Meredith is the epitome of the perfect housewife. She helps convince her husband to keep Bat Boy. She picks out a name for him, teaches him manners, and educates him; she does everything that the mother he never had would do – but in the process, a deeply kept secret is disturbed and her world starts to crumble around her.
Shelley Parker – Late Teens – Early 20's
The Parker's rebellious daughter. Shelley and her mother convince her father to spare Bat Boy. Shelley transforms from a spoiled brat who taunts Bat Boy into a young woman who falls in love with him and protects him from the town's wrath
Sheriff Reynolds – 30-60
The Sheriff brings Bat Boy to Dr. Parker's house to be "taken care of". He is called upon by the town folks to deal with the situation whenever the situation goes awry. He is always the mediator and tries to do the right thing ... long as it’s good for his career!
Rick Taylor – Late Teens – Early 20's
One of the adventurous siblings who discovers Bat Boy in a cave. A bully and Shelley's boyfriend. Has a "rap" song.
Ron Taylor – Teenager
One of the adventurous siblings who discovers Bat Boy in a cave.
Ruthie Taylor – Teenager
One of the adventurous siblings who discovers Bat Boy in a cave.
Mrs. Taylor – 40's - 50's
Mother of Rick, Ron, Ruthie
Reverand Billy Hightower – 30-60
A small but memorable character, the Reverend is an over-the-top caricature of typical religious figures and provides many laughs during his spirited performance of the song "A Joyful Noise" at the town's revival ceremony.
Pan – 25-40
A forest god who sings "Children, Children" and presides over an interpretive marriage ceremony for Shelley and Bat Boy. Must be a strong singer. Strong dancing ability a plus.
Ensemble (Townsfolk, Animals, Voices)
Simple and superstitious, the townspeople are over-the-top representations of rural farmers – think plaid shirts and cheesy southern accents! Most ensemble members have solo speaking and singing lines and all have lots of opportunities to shine. In addition to playing the townsfolk and getting to sing great songs like "Another Dead Cow" and "A Joyful Noise", the ensemble members also play animals in the forest scene ("Children, Children") and the voices in Dr. Parkers head as he goes crazy. Actors playing these roles must be strong singers and good actors and movers.

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