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Legally Blonde Audition Instructions


Actors ages 7–11: Actors may choose to prepare a comedic monologue no longer than one minute, or prepare a reading from a favorite book, also no longer than one minute. Monologues should be memorized, however a reading from a book does not.

Actors ages 12+: Actors should prepare a comedic monologue no longer than one minute. Actors should be able to tell the director the title of the play, character portrayed, and the playwright. Monologues should be memorized.


Actors may choose one of the following options:

  1. Prepare a song of their choice, no longer than 32 measures. Legally Blonde is an upbeat, comedy, and song choices should reflect this type of musical. Songs should not be from Legally Blonde, but another musical which is in the same style as Legally Blonde.
    *****The actor MUST provide sheet music*****
  2. The actor may choose to learn a song from Legally Blonde. This will be taught by the music director, at the time of audition. The music director will quickly teach a section of a song, and the actor will sing it back.


If you choose to perform a comedic monologue, it can be from any musical or play. Please do not google the word monologue, and choose the first one on the list. You will be asked to provide the title of the play, the name of the character, and why you chose this monologue. If you need a book of monologues, you can find these at the library, or you can email Matt for assistance.

If you decide to prepare your own song, you must provide the sheet music to the music director. Some libraries do have musical compilation books, and you can also download sheet music (sometimes for a fee of $5+). For example, if you decide to sing “The Trolley Song” from Meet Me In St. Louis, you can download the complete song here for $5.50.

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