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Henry IV Part I: Character Descriptions

King Henry IV
The ruling king of England. Henry is not actually all that old, but at the time the play opens, he has been worn down prematurely by worries. He nurses guilty feelings about having won his throne through a civil war that deposed the former king, Richard II.
Prince Harry
King Henry IV's son, who will eventually become King Henry V. Harry's title is Prince of Wales, but all of his friends call him Hal; he is also sometimes called Harry Monmouth. Though Harry spends all his time hanging around highwaymen, robbers, he has secret plans to transform himself into a noble prince, and his regal qualities emerge as the play unfolds.
The son and heir of the Earl of Northumberland and the nephew of the Earl of Worcester. Hotspur's real name is Henry Percy (he is also called Harry or Percy), but he has earned his nickname from his fierceness in battle and hastiness of action.
Sir John Falstaff
A fat old man between the ages of about fifty and sixty-five who hangs around in taverns on the wrong side of London and makes his living as a thief, highwayman, and mooch. Falstaff is Prince Harry's closest friend and seems to act as a sort of mentor to him, instructing him in the practices of criminals and vagabonds.
Earl of Westmoreland
A nobleman and military leader who is a close companion and valuable ally of King Henry IV.
Lord John of Lancaster
The younger son of King Henry and the younger brother of Prince Harry. John proves himself wise and valiant in battle, despite his youth.
Sir Walter Blunt
A loyal and trusted ally of the king and a valuable warrior.
Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester
Hotspur's uncle. Shrewd and manipulative, Worcester is the mastermind behind the Percy rebellion.
Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland
Hotspur's father. Northumberland conspires and raises troops on the Percy side, but he claims that he is sick before the Battle of Shrewsbury and does not actually bring his troops into the fray.

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