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Producer:Matt Lundeen
Size:Maximum 24
Where: Masonic Temple
Meetings:Monday through Friday April 17th–21st from 9 AM to 2 PM.
Performance:Friday at 7PM
Cost:$275 due at registration
Matryoshka Drawing

April Vacation Day Program 2017: April 17–21

A limited number of scholarships are available for all ACT workshops and productions. Scholarship applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the first meeting of a production or workshop to be considered. Please contact the treasurer for more information.

Matryoshka, by Steve Smith

ACT is excited to offer another theatre filled vacation day program. Led by our experienced teen directors, we will go from casting on Monday through staging, set design and costume selection straight through to the big performance on Friday evening with plenty of fun along the way. For both February and April sessions, playwright and former ACT president Steve Smith provides the whimsical, and energetic scripts the ACTors will bring to life. If you loved Pigeon Surprise, and I.F. inc, you are sure to enjoy the hilarious situations in our next Vacation Day Program Production.

Please note that payment is due in full at registration. Payment is fully refundable before March 1st, and 75% refundable through April 1st. No refunds are possible after April 1st.

About the Show

Matryoshka by Steve Smith

Matryoshka—Like nesting dolls, April’s Vacation Week Play presents a play inside a movie inside a play. Is the kidnapping victim really a victim, or a spoiled actress, convinced she deserves an Oscar? Or is she really a failed high school drama teacher, struggling to make a comeback in a children’s theater production? Is the detective really a detective? Are the directors really the directors? And what about the dog? Come unravel the mystery of the matryoshka—or be part of it!


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