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Love's Labour's Lost: Character Descriptions

The King
Handsome and studied in elegance. Wears designer clothes and conceives himself the leader of this friendly foursome but he can easily be icy and lacks the spark of natural charm to which people tend to gravitate. Overcompensates. Can have a good time, and party like the best, but takes his future inordinately seriously. Had a relationship with The Princess in college.
Attractive, easygoing middle class everyman. Has skeptical views on love. Yearns to have fun and live life fully. Brims with wit and charm. Briefly dated Rosaline in college.
Neurotic, uptight, old school Ivy. The most academic of the bunch. Wears J. Press.
Butch, frat boy type. Always primed to do or say something outrageous. Swaggering skirt chaser.
The Princess
Very charming, very wealthy, very pretty. Has pessimistic views on love, since she's been emotionally burned by boyfriends of the past once too often. Seems elegant at first glance but really can be pretty crass (in a charming abhorrent sort of way). Can be condescending to friends and cutting without realizing it. Had a relationship with The King in college.
Strong, practical, clever. Sharp-tongued but good-natured, an excellent friend. The truth teller amongst her group. Briefly dated Berowne in college.
Loveable sweet ditz. Naive and innocent outlook. Optimistic. A loyal friend
Dry and deadpan. Caustic and shrewd, calls it like she sees it.
The girls' well-coiffeed, smartly-dressed male hanger-on. Loves being the arm candy to the girls as they provide him access into all these fabulous worlds. He's not mean-spirited or cynical; he really loves and worships the girls and would do anything they ask of him. It's the unspoken rule.
Don Armado
Chubby, sweet-natured former international exchange student with a romantic's heart-of-poetry. Went to school with The King et al. but was never fully accepted by them. His father is an important wealthy Duke in Spain. Dreams and loves passionately.
Armado's lackey. Quick-witted, sassy, observant. Verbal trickster. Also works at Costard's Cantina and plays with the house band.
Poor guileless backwoods townie Sheriff. Slow-witted and even-tempered. There's not a lot going on in this small college town and yet he's perpetually in over his head.
Tall, lithe, carefree burn-out. The local bartender with a case of arrested development. Think Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused. Always up for a good time, listens to Jimmy Buffett. His playful side can turn easily dark.
Voluptuous townie waitress. Closet romantic. Feels that panic of advancing age while stuck in a dead-end job. Has low self-esteem but a rugged exterior.
Arch, brittle university professor. Really into academia and esoteric experimental art. Very passionate about her interests and considers herself progressive in her thinking and actions but really can be quite tedious and condescending. Could be cast as a man or a woman.
A university professor. Holofernes' protégé. Cipher and sycophant.
Thin man in a smart black suit. Trusted advisor of The Princess' father and family.
Students, party goers, etc

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