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Cinderella Audition Instructions


Actors eligible for Cinderella will be asked to read from one of the scene choices provided below. Actors may choose the scene, but if the director wants to hear more, actors may be asked to read from another. The director will also ask you to read for a specific role, but practice the character you are most interested in.


Actors eligible for Cinderella will be asked to sing a selection from the production. The music director will teach the selection during the audition to the group, and actors will be asked to sing it back, once in a group, then individually.


Setting: The Royal Parlor. The King and Queen are seated on their thrones. The Queen is sewing a button on the King's trousers. They discuss their son the Prince

Queen: A fine father you are! (she tosses the trousers to him)

King: What do you mean, (imitating her), "A fine father you are"? (He starts putting on the trousers)

Queen: I mean you never worry about him.

King: (Breathless from the effort of putting on his trousers) Why should I....worry about him?

Queen: Because he isn't happy!

King: Oh, he's happy all right

Queen: If he's happy, why doesn't he get married?

King: (Trying to get the pants buttoned...he's gained weight) If he's happy, why SHOULD he get married?

Queen: Look at your pants!

King: How could I have gained so much weight in five years?

Queen: Because that's all you've done for five years: Gained Weight! You haven't worn a court costume because we haven't given a ball for five years. The royal tailor will have to make you another suit.

King: That'll cost money

Queen: Wait until you see what this ball is going to cost

King: What....?!


The Stepfamily's Home: There is a fireplace. A small chair, a broom, and fire irons stand next to the hearth. A dining table and four chairs make up the rest of the room. The family enters, Cinderella with an armful of packages)

Stepmother: Cinderella, close the door.

(Cinderella sets the packages down on the floor and closes the door)

Portia (approaching the table): Cinderella, my chair.

(Cinderella pulls out a chair and Portia sits)

Stepmother: Cinderella, my chair.

(Cinderella pulls out a chair and Stepmother sits)

Joy: What about my chair, Cinderella?!

(Cinderella pulls out another chair and Joy sits)

Portia: Cinderella, it's freezing

Stepmother: Poke the fire, Cinderella

(Cinderella goes to the fireplace, takes an iron and pokes the fire)

Joy: Really, Cinderella!

Portia: Cinderella, really!

Stepmother: Now, my daughters, I want to talk to you. (to Cinderella) Not you, I want to talk to my daughters.

(Cinderella moves to the corner by the fireplace and sits in her chair)

Joy: The girl always wants to sit down

Portia: No wonder she never gets anything done.

Stepmother: Now Joy....

Joy: Yes, Ma'am?

Stepmother: And Portia...

Portia: Yes, Ma'am?

Stepmother: As you well know, my little moppets, this ball that the Prince is giving is for one purpose only.

Portia and Joy: To choose a bride!

Stepmother: Exactly. And every girl in the kingdom wants to marry the Prince. Including you two.

Portia and Joy: Yes Ma'am

Stepmother: On our shopping tour today I bought you the most beautiful clothes with all the frills and froufrou my purse could affords. (Her voice hardens) So whether or not you marry the Prince, you'll both have to marry somebody this year.


(Godmother appears to Cinderella after her Stepsisters leave for the ball)

Cinderella: Godmother! I am so glad to see you! I didn't hear you come in.

Godmother: I just knew I would find you in that same little chair in the pale, oink mist of a foolish dream.

Cinderella: Foolish, what's wrong with dreaming? Every girl is dreaming and wishing she were at the ball tonight.

Godmother: Why aren't you there?

Cinderella: My stepmother.....(not wanting to speak badly of her)...Well, somebody has to mind the house.

Godmother: Do you know what I would do if I were you? I'd leave them. If you want to be a servant, you can go to some other place and be paid.

Cinderella: You mean leave my Stepfamily? I don't think if Father were alive, he would like that. Why don't you believe in wishes and dreams-that once in a while something marvelous and magical can happen?

Godmother: Well I don't say that I don't believe that once in a while something marvelous and magical can happen. Only thing is, it's dangerous to believe too much.

Cinderella: Why?

Godmother: You get in the habit of sitting back and expecting things. You've got to help yourself, you know.

Cinderella: I know. I always wind up just wishing and dreaming. i don't suppose that does any good at all.

Godmother: Well I don't say that it doesn't do any good at all. As a matter of fact, everything has to start with a wish.

Cinderella: Do you know what I was wishing tonight?

Godmother: I'm almost afraid to hear

Cinderella: I was wishing that pumpkin (gesture offstage) out in the yard would turn into a great big golden carriage that would take me to the ball

Godmother: What were you going to for horses?

Cinderella: Four white mice would turn into horses!

Godmother: Were you going to drive them yourself?

Cinderella: Oh no. There'd be a coachman...and a footman too! Oh I know what you're going to say: Fol-de-rol and fiddledy dee.


Prince: Who are you?

Cinderella: (Startled and embarrassed) Oh...excuse me, Your Highness, I had no idea anyone was here. (Ashamed of her shabby dress, she turns to leave)

Prince: Wait! You look familiar somehow. Do you work in the palace?

Cinderella: No, Your Highness

Prince: Maybe it's just the end of a dream. A dream that didn't come true about a glass slipper that didn't fit anyone.

Cinderella: Ohm Your Highness, you mustn't give up hope

Prince: It was just a waste of time, a wild goose chase. It was impossible.

Cinderella: But, Your Highness-impossible things can happen every day.

Prince: And even foolish dreams come true?

Cinderella: Oh, yes, Your Highness. If you wish hard enough and believe in what you're wishing, even foolish dreams come true.

Prince: Who are you?

Cinderella: (embarrassed, crossing away) Oh I am just a girl from the village. I think I'd better go. My stepmother will be wondering where I am.

Prince: Your stepmother will forgive you if you're a little late.

Cinderella: Really, Your Highness, i must go

Prince: At least tell me your name

Cinderella: Oh, it's a silly name. You wouldn't like it.

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