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Spamalot: Character Descriptions

the proud monarch of England. He may not know all of his country's provinces by name but, nevertheless, he believes his country is awesome for reasons he probably won't explain
the “homicidally brave” knight in King Arthur's round table. He is perfect for the role of a soldier, as his favorite hobby is to kill people for sport. He is loyal to Arthur and helpful to Robin, as he always volunteers to be the first one to enter the dangerous fray. He looks out for cowardly Sir Robin who is obviously incapable of defending himself.
described as a brave knight; the Historian depicts him as “not quite as brave as Sir Lancelot”. He, hilariously, isn't brave at all; whenever real danger rears its ugly head he rushes off stage so he won't soil himself in public. His grandest accomplishment on the battlefield is slaughtering the “vicious” chicken of Bristol.
Lady of the Lake
Move over, Patti LuPone and Barbra Streisand: there's a new diva in town! Her name is the Lady of the Lake. She is Arthur's mythical guide, appearing from the enchanted lake to help him in his quest. She can enchant objects and transform people. She loves Arthur.
King Arthur's devoted manservant. Patsy loves the King, despite the fact that he can be neglectful and make Patsy do things he'd rather not.
a Knight of the Round Table. He's described by the Historian as “strangely flatulent”. Sir Bedevere claims to be a scientist, but most of his scientific findings are questionable, at best. For example, he was the first to “prove” that coconuts migrate.
Prince Herbert
In every medieval tale, there is a damsel in distress. She is trapped in the highest tower of a castle by her evil father, being forced into a marriage she doesn't want. In Spamalot, that “damsel” is Prince Herbert. He is a young, very gay Prince who sings songs of longing for his one true loveā€¦ a man that he still hasn't met. He just knows that his true love isn't the yucky girl to whom he's betrothed.
The Historian is the rather dry, factual narrator of the story. He pops up, sporadically, throughout Spamalot to recount scenes and comment on characters, with a touch of Pythonian sarcasm.
Not Dead Fred
Fred is not dead, and he very joyfully wants to prove it to everyone. We meet Fred on a cart, where everyone in the town has thrown their dead, for pick up. Sir Lancelot is about to take him away. but Fred wakes up and persuades Lancelot that he is very much alive.
The Black Knight defends his little plot of land, warning that, “None shall pass”. When King Arthur tries to walk on his land, the Knight challenges him to a duel.
Brother Maynard
a monk and King's Arthur's spiritual guide whom he goes to consult about his quest for the Grail. Brother Maynard is unfortunately not very helpful; he rambles on constantly and most of the things he says makes no sense at all.
The French Taunter
He is the Guard of a castle that King Arthur wants to approach, and he flatly refuses to let Arthur in. He is a very French, scheming guard who truly hates the British. He loves to taunt the British and come up with the most ridiculous insults to offend the knights
The Enchanter
a ghostly enchanter that appears to warn the Knights about the fearsome beast guarding the Grail. has a Scottish accent and tries to be fearsome, but the Knights don't take him or his warnings seriously

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