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Tom Sawyer
Producers: Emily Winston
Maya Bazar
Director:Michael McCormack
AD/SM:Lily Grob
Fee:$175 due at audition.
No refunds after start of auditions.
Registration:Mar 1–14
Auditions:Mon Mar 20, 5–7 PM

Mon, Wed, 5–7:30 PM starting March 27th.

Dress Rehearsals:May 1–4
Performances: Friday, May 5, 7pm
Saturday, May 6, 7pm
Sunday, May 7, 2pm
Arlington Center for the Arts
Reduced program fees are available to those who require financial assistance. An application for reduced program fees must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the first meeting of a production or workshop to be considered. Please contact the treasurer for more information.


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Tom Sawyer

Welcome to ACT's 2017 Spring production of Tom Sawyer.

We will be updating this page throughout the production, so be sure to check back here and refresh or reload your browser to make sure you are getting the latest information.

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Auditions are scheduled for Wednesday, March 20th 5:00–7:00 PM

In preparation for auditions, please:

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First Rehearsal and Parent Meeting

Our first rehearsal will be Monday, March 27th from 5–7:30 PM at ACT, and we will have an important parent meeting from 6:45–7:30 PM. This is where we will go over the essentials you need to know for the play as well as talk about the many different kinds of volunteer opportunities there are to help the show come together for our kids. Don't worry, there are big and small ways that you can help and we will go over all of it on Monday at 6:45.

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Bring your forms and payment with you to your audition.

About the Play

The child in all of us never gets tired of reliving again and again the antics and adventures of Tom, Huck, Becky Thatcher and all the rest of Mark Twain's beloved characters. All the familiar characters are here—Huckleberry Finn, Aunt Polly, Becky Thatcher, Widow Douglas, Muff Potter, Cousin Mary and menacing Injun Joe. The action flows well, and scenes fly by in a lively fashion: the classic “fence-painting” scene, the school lessons from strict Mr. Dobbins, the eerie murder of Doc Robinson in the graveyard at midnight, the pirate journey to Jackson's Island where buried treasure proves very dangerous, Tom's side-splitting "funeral," Tom's courtship of Becky and other scenes from the immortal classic.

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