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Chicago Audition Instructions


Actors should prepare a comedic or dramatic monologue no longer than one minute. The monologue can be from any play or musical, but cannot be from Chicago.


Actors should choose from one of the following songs: Mr. Cellophane, All That Jazz, Roxie, or All I Care About. YouTube clips and sheet music are provided on this page. Listen and rehearse. You will practice with the music director at audition, then are expected to sing individually. It should be clear where each song begins, and the start time is marked for the YouTube clips:

Mr. Cellophane: YouTube: start at 15 seconds. Sheet Music
All That Jazz: YouTube: start at 15 seconds. Sheet Music
Roxie: YouTube: start at 2:30. Sheet Music
All I Care About: YouTube: start at 59 seconds. Sheet Music

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