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Singin' In The Rain Jr. Character Descriptions

Dora Bailey
Always first on the scene for any major film opening, and she has the Hollywood scoop.
Don Lockwood
Hollywood’s leading man in silent film. Charming and charismatic, Don has no shortage of female admirers. Don is smart and levelheaded; he likes being a famous Hollywood actor, but he doesn’t let the celebrity hype go to his head
Lina Lamont
A glamorous star of Hollywood’s silent films. She believes everything amazing she reads about herself in the gossip magazines, including that she and Don Lockwood are madly in love.
Cosmo Brown
Often serves as the comic relief in the show. Quick-witted and sure-footed, Cosmo is fast with a one-liner to lighten the mood. Cosmo is Don’s right-hand man
Always by Lina’s side, or trailing after her. As Lina’s manager, Roz works hard to make sure nothing upsets her.
R.F. Simpson
The studio producer in charge of “Lockwood-Lamont” films. R.F.’s first and foremost goal is to make money, and if that means doing a talkie film that’s fine with him
The studio’s director for Lamont and Lockwood films. He’s loud and blustery, and he’s easily frustrated with his assistants and Lina.
Kathy Selden
Wants to become an actress. She takes her career as an artist seriously and is embarrassed that she has to take jobs like singing and popping out of a cake just to get by.
Miss Dinsmore and the Teacher
The vocal coaches hired to turn Lina’s voice into cultured perfection and to work with all of the other actors in the show. Tough, proper and slightly overworked
Lina’s right-hand gal, who informs her that Kathy’s voice is being dubbed over hers. Zelda can be dramatic and over-the-top like Lina, but at her core, she cares about her friend.
A sound engineer, all business
Broadway Melody Host
A natural leader
Stage Hands Chorus Girls, Broadway Dancers, Pedestrians, Stars, Fans, Police Officer, Kathy's Girls, Butler, Orchestra Leader, Audience

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