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ACT's Summer Season 2018

ACT's 2018–2019 Season
Dates Show Ages Registration Venue
Nov 14–18 Danny, Champion of the World 7–12 Aug 6–Sep 3 Masonic
Dec 14–16 A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen 13–18 Sep 10–24 ACT
Jan 11–12 Xanadu 19 and Up Oct 14–Nov 9 ACT
Spring Harriet the Spy 7–12 TBD TBD
Spring King Lear 13–18 TBD TBD

Adapted for the stage by David Wood
From the book by Roald Dahl
Directed by Thomas Nickerson and Jenna Corcoran
7 PM Friday, Nov 16
2 PM Saturday, Nov 17
7 PM Saturday, Nov 17
3 PM Sunday, Nov 18
Arlington Masonic Temple
19 Academy Street
Arlington, MA

Tickets: $10
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"Danny the Champion of the World" is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.
Nine year old Danny lives happily in a gypsy caravan with his father but his world is turned upside-down when he learns that his father poaches pheasants from the estate of the nasty, greedy Victor Hazell. One night his father doesn't return from a poaching run and Danny fears the worst. Danny sets off on a courageous journey to find his father and with a little help from the village soon finds himself masterminding the most incredible and exciting plot ever attempted against Victor Hazell.
by Henrik Ibsen
adapted by Frank McGuinness
Directed by Victoria Kleber and Michael McCormack
7 PM Friday, Dec 14
7 PM Saturday, Dec 15
3 PM Sunday, Dec 16
Trinity Baptist Church
115 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA

Tickets: $10
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Nora Helmer is a vibrant young housewife who nonetheless suffers from a crippling dependency on her husband of eight years. He, Torvald, has always done the thinking for the both of them. In order to save Torvald from a debt, and to spare his masculine pride, Nora arranges a loan without his knowledge, and does so by forging a signature. The inevitable revelation of the crime results in an unexpected reaction from Torvald: Rather than being grateful to Nora, he is incapable of accepting the pride and self-sufficiency she demonstrated in taking care of him, and he accuses her of damaging his good name. The illusions behind their marriage are exposed, and Nora wakes to feelings of self awareness for the first time in her life. Torvald is not the man she thought she knew. They are husband and wife, yes, but they are strangers as well. And in one of the most famous, and scandalous, climaxes in all of nineteenth-century drama, Nora leaves her husband and children, determined to forge a new identity from the one she has always known.
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